Selected Publications

P. Kivisaari and J. Oksanen, “Resonance effects in the radiation transfer of thin-film intracavity devices,” Special issue of Appl. Phys. Lett., vol. 121, no. 19, p. 191101, Nov. 2022, doi: 10.1063/5.0109763.

C. Lucchesi, J. Legendre, M. Thomas, M. Piqueras, D. Cakiroglu, J.P. Perez, T.Taliercio, E. Tournié, R. Vaillon, P.-O. Chapuis, 745th WE-Heraeus-Seminar “Photon, Phonon, and Electron Transitions in Coupled Nanoscale Systems”, Bad Honnef (Germany), Sept 19th-23rd, 2022, Invited presentation 

Prospects of thermophotonic refrigerators for sensor applications, Sense 22, invited presentation 

Controlling near-field thermal energy for conversion devices and sensing, P.-O. Chapuis et al., Program on Emerging Regimes and Implications of Quantum and Thermal Fluctuational Electrodynamics (FLectro2022), Kavli Institute of Theoretical Physics (KITP), UC Santa Barbara (USA), July 31st, 2022, Invited presentation 

Photonic heat pumps instead of heat engines: the near-field thermophotonic refrigerator, T. Châtelet, J. Legendre, P.-O. Chapuis, O. Merchiers, Thermal Radiation to electrical Energy conversion (TREE) workshop, Champs-sur-Marne (Paris area), Novembre 14-16, 2022, Poster 

Solid-state/optical alternatives to thermoelectricity for thermal-to-electrical energy conversion, C. Lucchesi, J. Legendre, D. Cakiroglu, J-P. Perez, T. Taliercio, E. Tournié, R. Vaillon, P.-O. Chapuis, 18th European Conference on Thermoelectrics (ECT), Barcelona (Spain), Septembre 2020 then replanned on September 13-16, 2022, Oral presentation 

Near-field thermophotonic refrigerator: a numerical study, T. Chatelet, J. Legendre, P.-O. Chapuis, O. Merchiers, Plenary days of GDR Nanomaterials for Energy, Villeurbanne, Octobre 3-5, 2022, Poster 

 Near-field thermophotonic refrigerator: a numerical study, T. Châtelet, J. Legendre, P-O Chapuis, and O. Merchiers, Condensed Matter Days (JMC2022), Villeurbanne, August 22-26, 2022, Poster

Near future talks:

T. Chatelet, J. Legendre, P.-O. Chapuis, O. Merchiers, Near-field thermal radiation vs near-field electroluminescence: conditions for a thermophotonic refrigerator, MRS Spring Meeting Symposium “Emerging Thermal Materials—From Nanoscale Heat Transport, Devices and Applications, to Theories “, San Francisco (USA), April 10-14, 2023 

Thermodynamics of AlGaAs near-field thermophotonic devices for energy harvesting and cooling purposes, J. Legendre, T. Châtelet, O. Merchiers, P.-O. Chapuis, Symposium on ‘Photonic Heat Engines: Science and Applications V’, SPIE Photonics West, San Francisco (USA), January 28-February 2, 2023, Presentation